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Friday Nov 05, 2021

Attracting J-1 candidates is a specialized form of recruitment, that requires an equally specialized approach. With experience representing both employers and physicians, Jan Pederson provides unparalleled insight into captivating the best J-1 talent. Build your successful hiring strategy with info on:-J-1 waiver programs for J-1 Physicians.-The competitive recruitment market, and how to sweeten the pot.-Useful workarounds if there are no waivers left.

Friday Oct 01, 2021

WCS Immigration Lawyer Jan Pederson welcomes Dr. Guyathri Murthy for a discussion on the realities of the J-1 experience, with tips on landing the job, unearthing red flags, and finding success in your position. Learn more.

Friday Oct 01, 2021

WCS Immigration Lawyer Jan Pederson tackles the need-to-know of being a J-1 Physician, guiding listeners through the waiver process from types of waivers, finding the right job, next steps and more, followed by an audience Q&A. Learn more.

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